Silvana Family

19 novembre 2019

“Silvana is proud to announce the cooperation with the Katarina Obradovic, a young and promising dancer who embodies the values …

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Enter to the world of exclusiveness

13 septembre 2018

Enter to the world of exclusiveness and unbridled luxury. With the Lady Barrel collection, feel the uniqueness design of the …

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New Salem, « Get Inspired ! »

9 avril 2018

2018 marks the launch of the restyling Salem collection. Introduction a new design offering a greater opening, an elegant blue …

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Flowers Collection 2017

7 septembre 2017

Discover our new Flowers collection 2017 with the unique metal band.   The watches in the Flowers collection stand out …

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Silvana « Swissness 2017 »

14 février 2017

Silvana guarantees the new legislation « Swissness 2017 » Swissness is the term which covers revision of the Federal law on the protection of …

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Wherever around the world !

30 août 2016

Silvana is pleased to announce that from now every Silvana’s watch purchased on our website will be shipped all around …

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